Your pigeons are important to us!
Every step we make it’s focused on your pigeon’s health, their results so that we reward your investment into them and to make them Champions.

The problem

Pigeons need a balanced diet to stay healthy and perform well. In some cases, supplements may be needed to ensure they are getting all the necessary nutrients, especially if they are racing or breeding pigeons with increased nutritional needs. It's important to choose a high-quality supplement from a reputable source.

Our solution

To help your pigeons reach their full potential, it's important to provide them with the best products available. Our team, which includes veterinary experts, carefully develops and selects only the highest quality components to create the ideal environment for your pigeons' success.

Our family

Hugo is a fan of CEST Pharma, using Protein Plus with Healthy Oil twice after the arrival of the pigeons, followed by Detox with Healthy Oil. Biotics together with Garlic Oil is given to the pigeons about three times a week.


In 2021 I used Amino Forte and Oregano Oil for the first time and these products fully satisfied me, which is why in 2022 I added Impact and Biotics, and the pigeons perform very well with these products.


We use CEST Pharma products exclusively, and we even create Cest Pharma flight schedules based on observations from our own loft. We believe that the innovation of combinations of these state-of-the-art nutraceuticals that combine scientific discoveries with the needs of the pigeon has contributed greatly.


Protein Plus administered after a hard flight perfectly recovers the pigeons after a difficult stage, and combined with Amino Forte it represents a real energy bomb!


I have just started my adventure with Cest Pharma, but now I can see that the quality and ingredients are at the highest level. For example, Sedo Plus or Oregano Oil, you can see that they are highly concentrated and rich in ingredients, and the pigeons are healthy and full of vitality after consuming them.


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