Dobre Cosmin

Hello, please tell us a few words about yourself

Hello, my name is Dobre Cosmin, I live in Prahova County, I am 32 years old and I have been raising pigeons since childhood. 6 years ago I made the decision to compete pigeons professionally, and currently I compete in UCPR in tandem with my friend Spiridon Costin under the name of DOBRE C. & SPIRIDON C.

Give us some details about the champion pigeon (pedigree)

The 2-year-old pigeon competed as a yearling in the middle-distance races and one long distance. This year he competed in all the long distance and marathon races, achieving satisfactory rankings for his level of experience. The pigeon is bred in my tandem loft and competed in my personal loft. It is reproduced from very long distance pigeons, 50% from a female from Stoica Marius, 50% from a pigeon of Austrian origin! (does not have a pedigree)

At what distance did he fly against how many pigeons participated?

The pigeon was sent at the derby race of the UCPR Prahova area, DONETSK, with a distance of 941 km, winning 1st place against 2000 pigeons.

Which flight method do you prefer? Natural or widowhood?

The method of flight I practice is widowhood.

What kind of motivation did you use with this pigeon and how did you prepare him?

The preparation I did with this pigeon is a classic one, namely: trainings around the loft and individual trainings from distances of maximum 70 km both in the morning and in the evening. The motivation was simple, 2 days before basketing we opened the cock boxes and turned the nests face up, we proceeded to open the boxes because during the break between competitions our males had the nest boxes closed, finding them open only when they returned from individual trainings.

What are your favorite Cest Pharma products and how do you use them?

The products we used this year from Cest Pharma are: Detox PlusBioticsEnergyElectrolit and Ronidazole 10%. I use Biotics 3 days after the competition, sometimes over the food or in the drinking water. I use Detox Plus on days 4, 5 and 6 after the competition, sometimes in combination with Biotics. I use Energy + Electrolit 2 days before basketing and 2 days after the arrival from competitions. Ronidazole 10% I use against trichomoniasis after competition, only when appropriate. In the past I have used other products such as Sedo PlusFly PowerAmino ForteProtein PlusRespiratory Plus and Top Form. In conclusion, I would like to tell you that I have been and still am very satisfied with these products, they are of very good quality and I recommend all breeders to use them.

Respectfully, DOBRE C. & SPIRIDON C.

We wish you good luck in all your future races!

dobre cosmin

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