Chris Gibbson – Cest Pharma Champion from UK!

Chris Gibbson is one of the champions from the UK that used our products and secured some top results this year. In this article, he talks about some of the products he was pleased with and helped him prepare his pigeons better.


“I use this product all year round with excellent results. During moulting and breeding, it assists greatly with the growth of new feathers and importantly creates strong quills important for the tail festers and feathers on the wing. I have found that CEST Protein Plus is the best protein product for the growth of the youngsters – 3 times a week over smaller grains which are easily digestible for both the young and their parents whilst still receiving all the protein needed. I also give Protein Plus on the evening of the race to aid the repair, rebuild, and recovery stages following the race. If the race has been extra tough then it may be given for two days. After this, the birds are ready for the training. A great product that I wouldn’t be without…”


“This is another product I hugely recommend during the moulting period. Sedo I am an exceptional product for the metabolism and function of the liver. Again I use this product all year round but more so during moulting and breeding. After young bird racing is finished when darkening and lights have been employed I give Sedo Plus every day for a full 2 weeks to kickstart the youngsters moult and then 2/3 times a week till the moult is finished. The moult is then excellent due to the perfect liver function evening able to utilise all the goodness from the feed and supplements you give.”

“The condition of your pigeons is important all year round, not just when racing, and with CEST Pharma this will be achieved!”


“One product I have only just started using 1 day a week during moulting is BIOTICS a perfect blend of both (live) pre and probiotics bacteria keeping on top of the good bacteria and preventing any bad from multiplying and allowing illness. I will be using BIOTICS all year around 1/2 days a week as I have already noticed my pigeons are looking very good on this product.”

Some of Chris’ recent results:

5 x 1st Federation:

1,2,3,4,5,6 – out of 1.536 pigeons
1,2,3 – out of 1.486 pigeons
1,4,5 – out of 1.659 pigeons
1st – out of 3.898 pigeons
1st – out of 1.234 pigeons
2,3,4,5,6,7 – out of 968 pigeons

5th Combine – out of 4.465 pigeons
1st Nat Sec
31st Nat – out of 4.059 pigeons
1st Nat Sec – out of 1.009 pigeons
108th Nat – out of 9.960 pigeons

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