From hatching to moulting, it’s all about attention and planning

We often see how the chicks are fed the leftovers from the flyers or a cheaper mixture, just because they have not yet reached the age of flight. It’s deeply wrong.

Chicks should be pampered so that they do not miss anything and do not have crooked chest problems and other conditions. It is not suitable to give the leftovers, which other pigeons leave, as food for chickens. More protein supplements like Protein Plus, vitamins like Vit Amino, probiotics like Biotics, natural oils contained by Healthy Oil are especially useful for a harmonious development. Sanocest, added in the drinking water for the destruction of bacteria and viruses, minimizes the pressure of infections.

I noticed something else. After the completion of the flights, most fanciers take refuge in cheap food and forget about their pigeons.

These fanciers forget that, during the moulting period, the foundations of next year’s winnings are laid. An excellent plumage will show its merit during the flights. A plumage that is not optimal will inhibit the pigeons in their suppleness. Now that pigeon sport has become a top sport, the smallest things can make a big difference.

There are many roads leading to Rome when it comes to caring for pigeons during moulting. The starting points should be the supply of amino acids with sufficient sulfur content. But not only that.

The liver works at extremes during moulting. A lot of building material has to be produced for the new feathers to be optimal and a lot of waste is also produced. Therefore, this waste must be removed from the liver and kidneys. Thus, optimizing these organs for moulting is not an unnecessary luxury.

Any disease that occurs during moulting will create major problems in the moulting process and feather formation. Due to weight loss during moulting caused by the effort that the body has to make, sometimes an outbreak of latent paratyphoid is hidden in the loft. Autumn is the time of year when we see the most cases of paratyphosis. This is due to the moulting period, but also because the inhibitory effect of the various disinfectants that are administered during the racing season disappears.

In my own loft, pigeons receive supplements rich in proteins and amino acids, such as Protein Plus and Amino Forte, Sedo Plus for the liver, vitamins and very good food.

Probiotics are not missing from the weekly diet because I have noticed how important intestinal health is and I regularly use Detox Plus with Moor Active for detoxification. Now is the time when pigeons need the most resources and the most attention from us. If we miss this period we will have to wait one year until the next one co mes J.

Success and wisdom! Races are first won with the mind!

Marius Tunduc

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