We can see the sunrise!

Slowly, slowly, the days go by quietly and the winter nights will become shorter and shorter, giving way to the long and soon warm days.
Nature will come to its senses and spring with its colors and sounds will take over the universe around us.
Our pigeons will also know that the moment of the competitions is approaching and, as if driven by an invisible hand, they will start preparing: they are looking to mate, they are much more active and the noise in the loft is increasing day by day.
Pigeon lovers, who over the long winter dreamt at the much desired trophies, will soon have the opportunity to move from dream to reality and to measure their strength (pigeons) with their colleagues.
Well, to be prepared for battle, you need some pre-fight preparation, and for that we can give you some useful tips:

  • Do a series of tests on the pigeons to make sure they are healthy and give medication only if necessary!
  • Do not use many supplements and even fewer medications. Nothing in excess is healthy!
  • Make race approaching strategy according to what you want to achieve. If you are competing at random hoping to “catch something”, you know that this strategy does not work!
  • Pay attention to training at the beginning of the season, when the weather is still cold, with big temperature differences between day and night. Pigeons should be trained gradually, without excess. The muscle tear during this time can be seen later, when it is… too late!
  • A good recovery after the competition is the source of winning the next race! In try in vain to prepare the pigeons for next race if not properly recovered. You will waste time and money unnecessarily.
  • Listen to your pigeons!! They will tell you exactly what they want from you in order to feel good in the loft and to be happy to return there!

You can already see the sunrise from the first race! Your pigeons will be in the transport vehicle ready to take off. Their success now depends on you! Will you be ready?

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