Biotics Duo – Two advantages in one product!!!

We all know the importance of probiotics and prebiotics for living organisms. More and more detailed research reveals that in the intestine we have a second brain, the number of nerve cells in this organ being comparable to that in the brain. That is why the disorders generically called „destruction of the intestinal flora” affect the pigeons’ bodies so much.

Beneficial bacteria (Pro bacteria) create in the intestine a micro flora absolutely necessary for survival, extraction of nutrients from food and their optimal use. The acidifying reactions generated by the activity of probiotics in the intestines are therefore essential to life.

Once science discovered probiotic bacteria, it was only a matter of time before the advent of products containing probiotic cultures aimed at increasing the quality of the intestinal flora, the number of beneficial bacteria that live there and restoring normal intestinal balance when the intestinal flora is destroyed.

What happens when the intestinal flora is „destroyed”? Studies have shown that when we clean a surface with a strong disinfectant, we kill both good bacteria and bad bacteria. Over the next 15 minutes, the remaining bacteria (as much as we disinfect some bacteria still remains) begin to reproduce and repopulate the cleaned area. The first to reproduce and colonize are the gram-negative bacteria. Normally, the ratio of negative bacteria / good bacteria is 65% (good bacteria) to 31-32% (negative bacteria) and 3-4% empty space (unpopulated). Therefore, after a “destruction”, the negative bacteria occupy more space in the first phase than in the case of a normal and balanced relationship and hence the disorder called “the destruction of the intestinal flora”. Until this balance is re-established, a period of time passes in which the overall performance decreases.

When we give our pigeons probiotics, they increase the number of beneficial bacteria, occupying (under normal conditions) the 3-4% empty space and this overpopulation makes the bacteria no longer reproduce, thus maintaining a very stable flora. In the case of destroyed intestinal flora, probiotics increase the amount of beneficial bacteria by restoring the natural intestinal balance much faster (the 65-32 ratio).

There are many types of probiotics in the intestinal flora. Some of them have already been reproduced by humans and are used for both humans and animals. In the world of pigeons there are several probiotics with an exceptional effect on the intestinal flora when administered properly. Biotics by Cest Pharma was created, from the beginning, as a TOP product, with a very high concentration of probiotics. Today Cest Pharma takes another turn and brings to the market Biotics Duo: the first pigeon product that contains two high quality probiotics with guaranteed effects.

Biotics Duo contains the same percentage of Calsporin (Bacillus Subtilis) as its older sibling, Biotics, but also has Enterococcus Faecium in high concentration, which doubles the effect of this product, both due to the high concentration of probiotics and the fact that it populates the intestine with two different beneficial cultures. In addition, normally, the product also contains pre-biotics, which are actually food for probiotics. A multiple action of populating with two beneficial cultures, in large quantities and with adequate food that makes them grow ultra-fast and promote a healthy intestinal flora!!!

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