How to naturally prevent trichomoniasis and respiratory infections

Man discovered antibiotics relatively recently. Penicillin began to be used after 1945, for 76 years now. The use of antibiotics marked a turning point in the lives of humans and animals and thus deadly diseases could be treated, life expectancy increasing around the globe. The number of antibiotic substances subsequently increased from one year to the next and so did their use, which led to benefits but also many problems. Thus arose anti-bio-resistance, perhaps the most feared effect of antibiotics use. This means that in just 76 years, new bacteria developed, resistant to antibiotics and even fatal if a person is unlucky enough to get infected. We have already learned of the famous nosocomial infections, with which many of our fellows have had the misfortune to become infected in the hospital, often with fatal results.

What really happened? Over the years, the use of antibiotics against infections has created resistant bacteria. Bacteria, like any other living organism, tries to adapt to the attack of the antibiotic so that, resistant bacteria, or those that survive incomplete treatments, will reproduce resistant bacteria. When this process of “resistance” occurs often due to the abuse of antibiotics, we end up having no effect.

You may be wondering what man has got to do with pigeons and why did I start the article with reference to human problems? Very simple! What happened to humans also happened to pigeons. Moreover, it is even worse because, as you know, fanciers use antibiotics very, very often, quite freely, usually with no laboratory tests, using mixtures of 4, 5, 6 antibiotics at a time (which increases the resistance of bacteria to all these active substances at once) and … for pigeons we do not have the possibility of such detailed analyzes and studies on antibiotic resistance.

We can notice that some products no longer take effect, the youngsters no longer grow as they used to, pigeon losses are high, and no longer know how to orientate themselves, as they once did. We see that pigeons are much more sensitive. And this is not only due to antibiotics and trichomoniasis treatments. We all know that there are lofts where pigeons receive monthly treatments against trichomoniasis, or even more often (especially during racing season), antibiotic treatments and we all heard and continue hearing the words: “without treatments you can no longer have results,,!!!

We are in this point now, and if we continue down this path we will end up even worse. The purpose of this article is to make you realize that this is the wrong way to go. No matter which part of the world you live in, you must know that this way, which now seems easy and simple, is a congested road!

Our luck is that science is evolving every day, new products have emerged which, if used correctly, prevent many of these problems. Apple cider vinegar, water cleansers, immuno-stimulators and many more become invaluable allies when we want to create resistant pigeons.

Cest Pharma will always be in the forefront when it comes to making the most of the discoveries of science in pigeon sport. That’s why we created Yellow Drops, an exceptional solution that helps prevent trichomoniasis and respiratory problems at head level. A drop on the beak, in the evening after arrival and before the race, works wonders and helps eliminate the need of drugs, or at least reduce it substantially. For short distances it is used on the day before basketing, and for races with two or more nights in the transport truck it is used on the day of basketing. It can be administered even for two days and can be given both in the drinking water and over the grains, especially when we have many pigeons, also 1 drop per pigeon, but here we must consider using the exact ration of food and water (how much the pigeons eats / drink) or use 2 drops per pigeon when we don’t have this information.

Many champions around the world have chosen to use Yellow Drops, thus reducing the consumption of antibiotics and anti-trichomoniasis. In the end pigeons rewarded them with good results and over time they become stronger.

The road back to nature is difficult and the selection of pigeons is painful. Unfortunately, it is the only way to go for long-term success. The champion flyers maintained using natural methods continue to reproduce strong offsprings, that are no longer lost “when the wind blows stronger” and bring long-term success to the loft. It is worth walking this road, especially since it is the only one that will keep your name at the height of success for years!!!

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