Mădălin Tănase has chosen CEST Pharma for the 2020 season

A very experienced pigeon fancier, Mădălin Tănase from Prahova is still a new member of the National Federation of Pigeon Breeders in Romania. More than bored by the lack of professionalism in the pigeon fancier group in which he competed so far, the pigeon fancier Mădălin Tănase stepped right as a member of the National Federation, winning in the debut season several important trophies at county level.

A career athlete, Mădălin Tănase, from Floresti, Prahova County, competes with his pigeons at all stages, regardless of the distance category. „I bought pigeons for the short races from the tandem Stănescu + Dobre, from the tandem Simion + Dumitran, from Cosmin Olteanu, from the tandem Chicheanu + Rusu. I took marathon pigeons from breeders Vasile Bădin, Cătălin Coman and others. I crossed these pigeons, so now I can participate with the same pigeons in stages from 100 km to 1,500 km “, explains Mădălin Tănase.

Mădălin Tănase: “CEST Pharma is a Romanian company and I had more confidence”

The fact that CEST Pharma is a local producer has inspired the athlete and pigeon fancier Mădălin Tănase much more confidence than the other specialized companies. It all started with a few treatments produced by CEST Pharma, which he used three seasons ago, the effect of which he could see immediately and thanks to which he chose to use CEST Pharma products in the 2020 season. About three years ago I used Respiratory Plus and I was pleasantly impressed by their effect. At the same time I used the Vit Amino complex, which gave me the impression of an extraordinary mixture of vitamins and amino acids. At the same time, I used Yellow Drops, two days in a row before boarding “, said Mădălin Tănase.

Mădălin Tănase: “This year I did a program that was based on several CEST Pharma products”

For the 2020 season, Mădălin Tănase decided to use CEST Pharma products to prepare, treat and recover racing pigeons. With their help, he made a training and recovery program, and the “MMA Ambition” team, the title under which he competes, can be observed on the county podium of several categories. “In the 2020 season we used several of the CEST Pharma supplements. These are Sedo Plus, Biotics, Protein Plus, Amino Forte, Vit Amino, Garlic Oil and Healty Oil. For recovery I used Protein Plus, Sedo Plus and the two types of oils, and I administered the other products for preparation. Also in preparation for the competition, I administered the Yellow Drops drops to the pigeons for two days before boarding them. I think the latter are extraordinarily good, keeping pigeons away from many diseases. There are supplements that convinced me to use them in the future, and as I am a performance athlete and coach, I know the importance of supplements for training and recovery “, added Mădălin Tănase.

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