Fly Power – Probably the best race conditioner!!!

There are products for athletes, humans or pigeons, which greatly increase the performance due to the composition created by specialists that understand the functioning of the body and know how to enhance the effects of supplements.

This is how we designed Fly Power, in collaboration with Dr. Irina Bunescu, perhaps the best conditioner for pigeons of all time. It is specially made to improve performance and increase pigeon’s sport life by providing nutritional elements that build and strengthen a healthy body making it resistant to physical exertion, fatigue, stress and illness.

Fly Power contains a complex of carbohydrates, with different metabolic rate, which are consumed sequentially during physical exertion and, as one of them is depleted, the next will come into action, so that it permanently provides the necessary energy throughout the race. It has a higher rate of fat metabolism. The carbohydrates present in the formula will be converted by the liver into fat, the main fuel for sustained flight, and this is very important because in birds the production of fat from fructose metabolism is the most efficient compared to other carbohydrates and birds have a high storage capacity of fat, as energy reserve, compared to other vertebrates.

Fly Power contains natural anti-inflammatory substances that have the role of maintaining the integrity of the joints. It maintains muscle-joint functionality through the essential constructive components of the structure of articular cartilage, bones, ligaments and tendons with an effect in combating the inflammatory effects that occur as a result of sport activities. At the same time, it restores tissues that suffered injuries during physical effort.

Fly Power provides protection to the immune system:

  • In the intestine through the action of natural yeast cultures
  • At the white blood cells level due to beta-glucan, which is an immunomodulator that increases the activity of macrophages and neutrophils, intervenes in the process of phagocytosis, activates T and B lymphocytes and stimulates the production of gamma-interferon.

Fly Power improves vital functions by correcting liver disorders that occur due to intense or prolonged exertion. It promotes the elimination of toxins through its anti-oxidant properties, contributes to the regeneration of liver cells and repair old lesions, and helps fight inflammation of the bile ducts and fat infiltration in the liver. It maintains the functionality of the cardiovascular system by ensuring optimal oxygenation of all tissues.

Fly Power stimulates the growth of quality plumage due to sulfur rich substances, an essential compound in the production of keratin and collagen which are elementary proteins for the skin, plumage and claws.

Helps maintain a healthy liver by improving nutrient absorption and provides a quick recovery after illness.

 Administration: 5 g (1 measure) per 1 kg of food, as follows:

– During mating, molting and rearing periods: 2-3 times a week

– Before the competition: 2 – 6 administrations before the day of the flight, depending on the distance

– After returning from the race: 2-3 times a week.

In the cold season, in severe cases of recovery or due to nutritional deficiencies, it is administered for 30 to 45 days, to restore organic function.

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