Alin Nichiforescu – Suceava

1. When did you start raising pigeons and where did this passion come from?

– I have had pigeons since I was a child, approximately from the age of 12 taking this passion from friends. In 2008 I had the opportunity to meet Bizbac Mihai, a farmer well known in our country, who also “infected me with this microbe”. In 2011 I became a member with proper documents of the Pigeon Association Suceava, Club Burdujeni.

2. How many pigeons do you have?

– We started the season with 60 flyers, 80 chicks and 18 couples. For breeding.

3. Let me understand, then, that you have now flown with the 60 pigeons.?

– Yes it is.

4. What lines of pigeons do you own?

– I own pigeons from the Koopmann line, Ad Schaerlaeckens, Marc Brett from Germany and from the Perijoc Liviu & Marian family from Suceava, who are also our friends.

5. Are there any pigeon products that impressed you? Why?

– Yes, there is a product that particularly impressed me and this is Top Form from Cest Pharma.

6. What did you notice after taking the product?

– Before the administration, the pigeons were loaded, but after the administration of Top Form we noticed a considerable improvement of the physical condition, of the muscles. I am really excited about this product!

7. What other products do you use for your pigeons?

– I also use Tricoplus from Cest Pharma, Blitzform from Rohnfried, Belgasol from Belgium, Electrolit and Amino Forte from Cest Pharma to speed up recovery after competitions.

8. And now please tell us about the recent results.

– In the first stage of the fund we obtained the 3rd place out of 641 breeders.

– 33rd place out of 25,000 pigeons. I finished in the bottom half with 30 points.

– I had 2 stages: one speed, where I got a place. 6 out of 4800 pigeons, 2nd place out of 139 breeders, and the other half-distance stage where we obtained the 3rd prize, 6th and 7th place per club, 2nd place in breeders.

– At the stage on Przemysl I sat well on the club, 2nd place breeder and 6th place bird.

– At the Borsa stage we managed again very good arrivals: 2nd place breeder, 6th place bird out of a number of 4441 pigeons and 143 breeders.

9. If you have a favorite pigeon and what is it?

– I have two favorite females Lady and The Fastest, who have achieved excellent results and I am proud of them.

After all this we can only wish them:

Wind in the feathers!

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