Rosu Alin – Sebis

When did you start raising pigeons?

I have had a passion for pigeons since childhood, but at a level level professionally, I started only in 2010, when I joined the Association and I decided to compete.

What types of contests do you prefer and why?

I prefer long distance competitions, marathons, national aces, but in general I compete at all stages. Why?! Because I have quite a long distance and I focused on one-day flights.

What pigeon lines do you have?

Most of the pigeons come from my friend in Germany, Zeno Steinbinder, but also own the pigeons of General As National from lines: Gaby Vandenabeele, Van Dyck, Van Loon, Koopman, Houben. I also own marathon pigeons from Ko Van Domellen, Jelle Jellema lines, Jan Aarden, Batenburg, Dr. Brockamp, ​​but they are in tests.

How would you describe your collaboration with Columbovet?

My collaboration with Columbovet is very good, I am very satisfied with the quality of the products, the delivery times.

What are 2 products that impressed you with their quality, how you administered them and what you saw after their administration, what you noticed the pigeons?

From Cest Pharma I like Sedo Plus, Biotics, which I manage in food, Mumm from Röhnfried

If you have a favourite pigeon, what is it and what results did it have in competitions?

Yes, I have a female that is dearer to me, named LADY, the series 48069 since 2013. He has won numerous awards, of which I can only mention some, namely: 2nd place National Palmares 2 years, 1st place National Palmares 3 years.

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