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Kenier Lopez – Cape Coral, Florida

Kenier Lopez is one of the most successful pigeon fanciers from Cape Coral, Florida. He is also a fan of Cest Pharma products. During the last weekend, we asked him several questions to find out more about his passion, pigeons, and what product he uses to have such succes!

When and how did you start racing pigeons?
K.L.: I started with the pigeons in 2006 in Cuba, I competed for 12 years always being among the first 3 places.

What kind of races do you prefer and why? (Short distance, long distance, middle distance).
K.L.: I prefer short distances and medium distances would be from 150 miles to 370 miles, they are the most powerful and competitive races in my area.

What kind of pigeons/pigeon lines do you have?
K.L.: 80% of my pigeons are from Gino Clicque Golden Prince 10% are Porsche 911 from PiPA and the other 10% Kittel from PIPA.

How do you prepare your pigeons the week before an important race? What kind of food and supplements do you give them?
K.L.: In my opinion, all the races are different due to the air and climates. Knowing the air and the climate, I prepare the specific food and the products for that race. I like to buy the meals all the grains separately and I make the food mix based on what the pigeons need to compete and almost all the supplements, not to mention all of them from Cest pharma!

If you had to choose 3 products that you like from Cest Pharma, what are they and why?
K.L.:Amino Forte, Sedo Plus and Respiratory Plus is the product that keeps my pigeons breathing 100%, where I live there is a lot of humidity and the pigeons suffer from respiratory infection thanks to these products they are 100% ready!

What are some of your victories and what have been your greatest achievements in racing?
K.L.: 29 person club champions second place at the 65 person combine level competing for best club flyer all distances and best combine flyer of all distances 2022

What do you think of the future of the sport and how can we get the younger generation to gain interest?
K.L.: My opinion is that every time there are more young people liking pigeons and racing every year the sport of pigeons grows more.

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