The importance of MSM used in the supplements for racing pigeons.

MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is a naturally occurring compound found in many plants and animals, including humans. It is also commonly used in dietary supplements and topical creams for its potential health benefits. However, MSM has also been found to be a valuable ingredient in products for racing pigeons, offering a range of benefits that can help improve their overall health and performance.

One of the key benefits of MSM for racing pigeons is its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can be a major issue for racing pigeons, particularly as they age or become injured. Inflammation can lead to pain and discomfort, which can ultimately impact the pigeon’s ability to race or even fly at all. By reducing inflammation in the body, MSM can help alleviate pain and discomfort, allowing racing pigeons to perform at their best.

MSM is also believed to support joint health in racing pigeons. As birds age or suffer from injuries, joint issues can become increasingly common, leading to discomfort and a reduced range of motion. MSM has been shown to help support joint health, promoting healthy cartilage and reducing inflammation that can contribute to joint pain and stiffness.

In addition, MSM has been found to support respiratory health in racing pigeons. Respiratory issues can be a significant problem for racing pigeons, particularly during times of stress or in crowded conditions. MSM has been shown to help support healthy respiratory function, reducing the risk of respiratory infections and promoting optimal breathing capacity.

Finally, MSM may also offer benefits for the overall health and immune function of racing pigeons. By supporting healthy cellular function and reducing oxidative stress, MSM may help boost the pigeon’s immune system, improving its ability to fight off infections and maintain good health.

Overall, MSM is a valuable ingredient in products for racing pigeons, offering a range of potential benefits for their health and performance. Whether you are looking to support joint health, respiratory function, or overall immune function, MSM can be a valuable tool in promoting the health and well-being of your racing pigeons. By incorporating MSM into your pigeon’s diet or supplement regimen, you can help ensure that they are able to perform at their best and enjoy a long and healthy life. You can do that by choosing one of our products that contains MSM, such as Biotics, Fly Power, Fly Power Tab or Protein Plus.


The dangers of over-supplementing racing pigeons and the importance of the probiotics and prebiotics

Racing pigeons are incredible athletes that need proper nutrition to perform at their best. Many fanciers use supplements to help maintain the health and performance of their birds. However, over-supplementing racing pigeons can be dangerous and detrimental to their health. In this article, we will explore the dangers of over-supplementing racing pigeons and the importance of probiotics and prebiotics for their digestive health.

Excessive supplementation of racing pigeons can lead to various health problems, including liver and kidney damage. Pigeons are very sensitive to high levels of certain nutrients, especially fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, and E. These vitamins can accumulate in the liver and other organs, leading to toxicity and damage. Too much vitamin A can cause bones to deform, while too much vitamin D can lead to calcium deposits in organs and blood vessels. Vitamin E overdose can interfere with blood clotting, leading to bleeding.

Another danger of over-supplementing racing pigeons is the risk of imbalances in the bird’s diet. Pigeons need a balanced diet containing adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Excessive supplementation of one nutrient can lead to a deficiency of another, leading to malnutrition and health problems. For example, overeating protein supplements can lead to excessive production of uric acid, which can cause kidney damage.

What we recommend you to use consistently to ensure your pigeons have a healthy digestive system are probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria that help balance the gut microbiota, which is a collection of microorganisms that reside in the digestive tract. Gut microbiota plays a critical role in digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune function.

Prebiotics, on the other hand, are a type of dietary fiber that feeds the gut microbiota. They are not digested by the body but are fermented by intestinal bacteria, producing short-chain fatty acids that provide energy to intestinal cells and help maintain intestinal barrier function. Prebiotics can also help improve gut microbiota diversity and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, leading to better digestive health and overall well-being.

Probiotics and prebiotics work synergistically to support healthy gut microbiota. Probiotics help introduce beneficial bacteria into the gut, while prebiotics provides the food they need to thrive. Together, they can help maintain a healthy digestive system, improve nutrient absorption, and support immune function.

It is important to note that not all probiotics and prebiotics are created equal. Different strains of bacteria and types of prebiotics have different effects on the body, and not all supplements are effective. This is why we recommend using Biotics which has the best types of probiotics and prebiotics for pigeons. In conclusion, excessive supplementation of racing pigeons can be dangerous and detrimental to their health. It is essential to use supplements judiciously and adhere to the recommended dosage and frequency. Providing a balanced diet that meets the nutritional requirements of your pigeons is the best way to ensure their health and performance. Probiotics and prebiotics are essential supplements for maintaining a healthy digestive system, which is essential for the overall health and performance of racing pigeons. By paying attention to the supplements you use and the nutrition you provide, you can help your racing pigeons rise to new levels of performance.


Rosu Alin – Sebis

When did you start raising pigeons?

I have had a passion for pigeons since childhood, but at a level level professionally, I started only in 2010, when I joined the Association and I decided to compete.

What types of contests do you prefer and why?

I prefer long distance competitions, marathons, national aces, but in general I compete at all stages. Why?! Because I have quite a long distance and I focused on one-day flights.

What pigeon lines do you have?

Most of the pigeons come from my friend in Germany, Zeno Steinbinder, but also own the pigeons of General As National from lines: Gaby Vandenabeele, Van Dyck, Van Loon, Koopman, Houben. I also own marathon pigeons from Ko Van Domellen, Jelle Jellema lines, Jan Aarden, Batenburg, Dr. Brockamp, ​​but they are in tests.

How would you describe your collaboration with Columbovet?

My collaboration with Columbovet is very good, I am very satisfied with the quality of the products, the delivery times.

What are 2 products that impressed you with their quality, how you administered them and what you saw after their administration, what you noticed the pigeons?

From Cest Pharma I like Sedo Plus, Biotics, which I manage in food, Mumm from Röhnfried

If you have a favourite pigeon, what is it and what results did it have in competitions?

Yes, I have a female that is dearer to me, named LADY, the series 48069 since 2013. He has won numerous awards, of which I can only mention some, namely: 2nd place National Palmares 2 years, 1st place National Palmares 3 years.


Alin Nichiforescu – Suceava

1. When did you start raising pigeons and where did this passion come from?

– I have had pigeons since I was a child, approximately from the age of 12 taking this passion from friends. In 2008 I had the opportunity to meet Bizbac Mihai, a farmer well known in our country, who also “infected me with this microbe”. In 2011 I became a member with proper documents of the Pigeon Association Suceava, Club Burdujeni.

2. How many pigeons do you have?

– We started the season with 60 flyers, 80 chicks and 18 couples. For breeding.

3. Let me understand, then, that you have now flown with the 60 pigeons.?

– Yes it is.

4. What lines of pigeons do you own?

– I own pigeons from the Koopmann line, Ad Schaerlaeckens, Marc Brett from Germany and from the Perijoc Liviu & Marian family from Suceava, who are also our friends.

5. Are there any pigeon products that impressed you? Why?

– Yes, there is a product that particularly impressed me and this is Top Form from Cest Pharma.

6. What did you notice after taking the product?

– Before the administration, the pigeons were loaded, but after the administration of Top Form we noticed a considerable improvement of the physical condition, of the muscles. I am really excited about this product!

7. What other products do you use for your pigeons?

– I also use Tricoplus from Cest Pharma, Blitzform from Rohnfried, Belgasol from Belgium, Electrolit and Amino Forte from Cest Pharma to speed up recovery after competitions.

8. And now please tell us about the recent results.

– In the first stage of the fund we obtained the 3rd place out of 641 breeders.

– 33rd place out of 25,000 pigeons. I finished in the bottom half with 30 points.

– I had 2 stages: one speed, where I got a place. 6 out of 4800 pigeons, 2nd place out of 139 breeders, and the other half-distance stage where we obtained the 3rd prize, 6th and 7th place per club, 2nd place in breeders.

– At the stage on Przemysl I sat well on the club, 2nd place breeder and 6th place bird.

– At the Borsa stage we managed again very good arrivals: 2nd place breeder, 6th place bird out of a number of 4441 pigeons and 143 breeders.

9. If you have a favorite pigeon and what is it?

– I have two favorite females Lady and The Fastest, who have achieved excellent results and I am proud of them.

After all this we can only wish them:

Wind in the feathers!


Olimpiu Ilea, top results with CEST Pharma products!

The 2020 season brought Olimpiu Ilea other important results. At the end of the competitional season, the pigeon fancier from Alba will be able to add to his records the 2nd place in Fond Young county, 1st place in As Maraton Young county, 1st place in Marathon Young county, 1st place in Marathon Grand Prix Young and 1st place in Berlin National county.

Olimpiu Ilea: “At the National exhibition in Brașov I bought, together with a friend, several CEST Pharma products”

One of the “secrets” of such a productive season was the supplements and treatments produced by CEST Pharma. Throughout the season, Olimpiu Ilea’s pigeons were treated, prepared and recovered only with the products related to the CEST Pharma brand, a more than winning choice. “At the national exhibition in Brasov, I bought, together with a friend, several CEST Pharma products. I bought and used Sedo Plus, Electrolit and Protein Plus during the season, and as treatments I used Ri Special, Respiratory Plus, Tricoplus and, last but not least, I used Balance supplements. In addition to the small amount I had to pay for these products, their effectiveness was maximum. I do not use too many treatments, but when it was needed and I intervened with treatment, the results were seen immediately. For example, this year we had a small problem with trichomoniasis in my breeding loft. I used Tricoplus, and after five days of treatment, my pigeons were healthy again”, Olimpiu Ilea explained.

Olimpiu Ilea: “I would not give up Protein Plus, Electrolit and Sedo Plus”

Without reservations, of all the products he has used so far, Olimpiu Iliea declares himself most satisfied with those produced by CEST Pharma. For a successful competition season, pigeon fancier Olimpiu Ilea considers the Protein Plus, Sedo Plus and Electrolit supplements indispensable. “I was very satisfied with everything I used at CEST Pharma, but if I had to choose, I would not give up Protein Plus, Sedo Plus and Electrolit, but neither the treatments for respiratory problems and trichomoniasis. We could see that the pigeons tolerate these supplements and treatments very well and respond very well after administration. In the future I will use all these products. I even had a discussion with several colleagues from the association, to whom I recommended these supplements and they will also use them starting with the next season “, said the same breeder.


Fly Power – Probably the best race conditioner!!!

There are products for athletes, humans or pigeons, which greatly increase the performance due to the composition created by specialists that understand the functioning of the body and know how to enhance the effects of supplements.

This is how we designed Fly Power, in collaboration with Dr. Irina Bunescu, perhaps the best conditioner for pigeons of all time. It is specially made to improve performance and increase pigeon’s sport life by providing nutritional elements that build and strengthen a healthy body making it resistant to physical exertion, fatigue, stress and illness.

Fly Power contains a complex of carbohydrates, with different metabolic rate, which are consumed sequentially during physical exertion and, as one of them is depleted, the next will come into action, so that it permanently provides the necessary energy throughout the race. It has a higher rate of fat metabolism. The carbohydrates present in the formula will be converted by the liver into fat, the main fuel for sustained flight, and this is very important because in birds the production of fat from fructose metabolism is the most efficient compared to other carbohydrates and birds have a high storage capacity of fat, as energy reserve, compared to other vertebrates.

Fly Power contains natural anti-inflammatory substances that have the role of maintaining the integrity of the joints. It maintains muscle-joint functionality through the essential constructive components of the structure of articular cartilage, bones, ligaments and tendons with an effect in combating the inflammatory effects that occur as a result of sport activities. At the same time, it restores tissues that suffered injuries during physical effort.

Fly Power provides protection to the immune system:

  • In the intestine through the action of natural yeast cultures
  • At the white blood cells level due to beta-glucan, which is an immunomodulator that increases the activity of macrophages and neutrophils, intervenes in the process of phagocytosis, activates T and B lymphocytes and stimulates the production of gamma-interferon.

Fly Power improves vital functions by correcting liver disorders that occur due to intense or prolonged exertion. It promotes the elimination of toxins through its anti-oxidant properties, contributes to the regeneration of liver cells and repair old lesions, and helps fight inflammation of the bile ducts and fat infiltration in the liver. It maintains the functionality of the cardiovascular system by ensuring optimal oxygenation of all tissues.

Fly Power stimulates the growth of quality plumage due to sulfur rich substances, an essential compound in the production of keratin and collagen which are elementary proteins for the skin, plumage and claws.

Helps maintain a healthy liver by improving nutrient absorption and provides a quick recovery after illness.

 Administration: 5 g (1 measure) per 1 kg of food, as follows:

– During mating, molting and rearing periods: 2-3 times a week

– Before the competition: 2 – 6 administrations before the day of the flight, depending on the distance

– After returning from the race: 2-3 times a week.

In the cold season, in severe cases of recovery or due to nutritional deficiencies, it is administered for 30 to 45 days, to restore organic function.


Mădălin Tănase has chosen CEST Pharma for the 2020 season

A very experienced pigeon fancier, Mădălin Tănase from Prahova is still a new member of the National Federation of Pigeon Breeders in Romania. More than bored by the lack of professionalism in the pigeon fancier group in which he competed so far, the pigeon fancier Mădălin Tănase stepped right as a member of the National Federation, winning in the debut season several important trophies at county level.

A career athlete, Mădălin Tănase, from Floresti, Prahova County, competes with his pigeons at all stages, regardless of the distance category. „I bought pigeons for the short races from the tandem Stănescu + Dobre, from the tandem Simion + Dumitran, from Cosmin Olteanu, from the tandem Chicheanu + Rusu. I took marathon pigeons from breeders Vasile Bădin, Cătălin Coman and others. I crossed these pigeons, so now I can participate with the same pigeons in stages from 100 km to 1,500 km “, explains Mădălin Tănase.

Mădălin Tănase: “CEST Pharma is a Romanian company and I had more confidence”

The fact that CEST Pharma is a local producer has inspired the athlete and pigeon fancier Mădălin Tănase much more confidence than the other specialized companies. It all started with a few treatments produced by CEST Pharma, which he used three seasons ago, the effect of which he could see immediately and thanks to which he chose to use CEST Pharma products in the 2020 season. About three years ago I used Respiratory Plus and I was pleasantly impressed by their effect. At the same time I used the Vit Amino complex, which gave me the impression of an extraordinary mixture of vitamins and amino acids. At the same time, I used Yellow Drops, two days in a row before boarding “, said Mădălin Tănase.

Mădălin Tănase: “This year I did a program that was based on several CEST Pharma products”

For the 2020 season, Mădălin Tănase decided to use CEST Pharma products to prepare, treat and recover racing pigeons. With their help, he made a training and recovery program, and the “MMA Ambition” team, the title under which he competes, can be observed on the county podium of several categories. “In the 2020 season we used several of the CEST Pharma supplements. These are Sedo Plus, Biotics, Protein Plus, Amino Forte, Vit Amino, Garlic Oil and Healty Oil. For recovery I used Protein Plus, Sedo Plus and the two types of oils, and I administered the other products for preparation. Also in preparation for the competition, I administered the Yellow Drops drops to the pigeons for two days before boarding them. I think the latter are extraordinarily good, keeping pigeons away from many diseases. There are supplements that convinced me to use them in the future, and as I am a performance athlete and coach, I know the importance of supplements for training and recovery “, added Mădălin Tănase.


What if we could disinfect water in an environmentally friendly way?

One of the biggest problems for fanciers is that most diseases are transmitted from one pigeon to another through drinking water. In addition, once the water stays longer in the drinkers, especially during hot summer days, the bacteria flourishes even more.

In the case of pigeons kept in widowhood system, the water can be removed immediately after the pigeons drink, and another will be given later, but with pigeons kept at “natural” system, respectively for reproduction, it is very difficult to remove the water during the day, especially on hot days and when they have chicks.
This is exactly why we have created a product especially for you that solves this problem of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

SANOCEST – is an ecological, non-toxic product that does not adversely affect pigeons in any way. Laboratory tests have shown that in 5 minutes after being added in the drinking water it destroys 99.99% of bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus hirae, Candinda albican, Aspergilus brasiliensis.
By using Sanocest we offer our pigeons the chance to drink water without harmful bacteria, and thus we obtain a much better natural health.

At the same time, in the incipient cases of “young bird disease”, Sanocest is very helpful. We recommend doubling the dose and administering light food in small quantities. There is a very good chance that you will be able to avoid taking antibiotics in this case.

The drinking water in the transport trucks is also a source of disease transmission from one pigeon to another. The addition of Sanocest in the drinking water of pigeons during transport to the launch sites makes the contamination and the need to be treated, after each race, less likely to occur.

So, it is possible to disinfect the water without affecting the pigeons!!! With Sanocest, an ecological product, the water is safely disinfected and the pigeons that drink it are less exposed to harmful bacteria!!!


Let’s breed from pigeons that have a “perfect navigation system”!!!

Many fanciers are still wondering which birds should they breed from? Easy access due to technology does not seem to help much. Beautiful and attractive pedigrees steal the eye of the buyer and “big names” are more attractive than ever. Despite this, the disappointments are greater than ever and much too often the “golden goose” proves to be just a common crow.

So what should really matter for a fancier? What should we look for when purchasing pigeons? First of all, we should take a look at the competition!!! The bigger the better! It’s not just the numbers that matter but also who is part of the competition. How many “big names” are in that ranking? Secondly, we should look at the winner’s family! Does he have other brothers and sisters that are also champions?

Thirdly, at the speed of the races and especially at how many difficult races the pigeon had! Whenever he got back alone or he arrived with the flock and was lucky.

Fourth, we need to look at the navigation system of the pigeon and its family. There is still no consensus on how pigeons “navigate”. How do they know how to get back home? There are different theories but there is still nothing confirmed for sure. It’s probably a set of organs that help with orientation. But what we know for sure is that some pigeons orient themselves better than others, and there are pigeons that can’t orient at all!!!

That is why we must introduce this criterion in the selection when purchasing pigeons!!! How many races did the pigeon participate in? How many he won, how many he was among the firsts and, especially, how many heavy races he had in which he arrived alone. The “navigation” system is probably transmitted genetically and is therefore worth considering.

Remember that, in the economy of the race, every minute counts and a few extra seconds can make you a winner! That’s why we have to evaluate every aspect and choose the right pigeon.

Good luck!!!


How to naturally prevent trichomoniasis and respiratory infections

Man discovered antibiotics relatively recently. Penicillin began to be used after 1945, for 76 years now. The use of antibiotics marked a turning point in the lives of humans and animals and thus deadly diseases could be treated, life expectancy increasing around the globe. The number of antibiotic substances subsequently increased from one year to the next and so did their use, which led to benefits but also many problems. Thus arose anti-bio-resistance, perhaps the most feared effect of antibiotics use. This means that in just 76 years, new bacteria developed, resistant to antibiotics and even fatal if a person is unlucky enough to get infected. We have already learned of the famous nosocomial infections, with which many of our fellows have had the misfortune to become infected in the hospital, often with fatal results.

What really happened? Over the years, the use of antibiotics against infections has created resistant bacteria. Bacteria, like any other living organism, tries to adapt to the attack of the antibiotic so that, resistant bacteria, or those that survive incomplete treatments, will reproduce resistant bacteria. When this process of “resistance” occurs often due to the abuse of antibiotics, we end up having no effect.

You may be wondering what man has got to do with pigeons and why did I start the article with reference to human problems? Very simple! What happened to humans also happened to pigeons. Moreover, it is even worse because, as you know, fanciers use antibiotics very, very often, quite freely, usually with no laboratory tests, using mixtures of 4, 5, 6 antibiotics at a time (which increases the resistance of bacteria to all these active substances at once) and … for pigeons we do not have the possibility of such detailed analyzes and studies on antibiotic resistance.

We can notice that some products no longer take effect, the youngsters no longer grow as they used to, pigeon losses are high, and no longer know how to orientate themselves, as they once did. We see that pigeons are much more sensitive. And this is not only due to antibiotics and trichomoniasis treatments. We all know that there are lofts where pigeons receive monthly treatments against trichomoniasis, or even more often (especially during racing season), antibiotic treatments and we all heard and continue hearing the words: “without treatments you can no longer have results,,!!!

We are in this point now, and if we continue down this path we will end up even worse. The purpose of this article is to make you realize that this is the wrong way to go. No matter which part of the world you live in, you must know that this way, which now seems easy and simple, is a congested road!

Our luck is that science is evolving every day, new products have emerged which, if used correctly, prevent many of these problems. Apple cider vinegar, water cleansers, immuno-stimulators and many more become invaluable allies when we want to create resistant pigeons.

Cest Pharma will always be in the forefront when it comes to making the most of the discoveries of science in pigeon sport. That’s why we created Yellow Drops, an exceptional solution that helps prevent trichomoniasis and respiratory problems at head level. A drop on the beak, in the evening after arrival and before the race, works wonders and helps eliminate the need of drugs, or at least reduce it substantially. For short distances it is used on the day before basketing, and for races with two or more nights in the transport truck it is used on the day of basketing. It can be administered even for two days and can be given both in the drinking water and over the grains, especially when we have many pigeons, also 1 drop per pigeon, but here we must consider using the exact ration of food and water (how much the pigeons eats / drink) or use 2 drops per pigeon when we don’t have this information.

Many champions around the world have chosen to use Yellow Drops, thus reducing the consumption of antibiotics and anti-trichomoniasis. In the end pigeons rewarded them with good results and over time they become stronger.

The road back to nature is difficult and the selection of pigeons is painful. Unfortunately, it is the only way to go for long-term success. The champion flyers maintained using natural methods continue to reproduce strong offsprings, that are no longer lost “when the wind blows stronger” and bring long-term success to the loft. It is worth walking this road, especially since it is the only one that will keep your name at the height of success for years!!!