BDC 600g

BDC 600g

Brewer`s yeast with Dextrose and Vitamin C is an exceptional product for homing pigeons, with a high biological value, which improves general health and promotes good physical condition. Brewer`s yeast is rich in proteins and essential amino acids and Dextrose ensures the need for fast absorption carbohydrates. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant which removes fatigue and sustains cellular regeneration.


Brewer’s yeast, Dextrose, Vitamin C


Proteins 30.80%, Carbohydrates 18.30%, Moisture 6.30%, Ash 4.60%, Fiber 1.50%, Fat 0.80%


1 spoon for 1 kg feed, moisture with Garlic oil CEST PHARMA.
During racing season administer on the arrival day and next day.
During reproduction, moulting and resting period, administer 1-2 times a week.