Tricoplus 100g (4 x 25g)

Tricoplus 100g (4 x 25g)

Tricoplus together with Vitamin B1 is number one TOP treatment against thricomoniasis, coccidiosis and hexamitiasis. It is safe to use for pigeons, does not have any side effects or toxic effects on the body. It can even be administered in the basketing day, if necessary. Vitamin B1 ensures additional energy boost and supports muscle and nerves coordination.


Ronidazole, Diclazuril, Dextrose, Vit B1


5g per 2 litre of drinking water. 7 days for treatment of trichomoniasis and coccidiosis. During racing and breeding season: 1-3 days every 3 weeks.


Store in a dry place at temperatures not exceeding 25° C. Keep in original packaging, away from humidity and direct sunlight. Do not use after expiring date. Keep out of reach of children.


3  years